Say goodbye to the past. The next-generation electric car is coming. The new Honda e Prototype previews Honda’s new electric car, which will be available to reserve soon.

The Honda e Prototype is inspired by the original Honda Civic. It has a modern-retro look, with minimal detailing and a sporty stance. Its symmetrical headlights with LED technology sit within a piano-black surround, an effect that is repeated at the rear of the car. With painstaking attention to detail, everything that can be hidden away has been. Driver assistance systems are almost invisible to the eye. Charging points are out of sight. The roof appears to float delicately over the clean glass area. The effect is a new aesthetic; a desirable, perfectly proportioned compact electric car that slips silently through the air and cuts a dash in the city and beyond.

Over 200km per charge! With a range of over 200km, the Honda e Prototype is more than capable of handling everyday.

driving. And every journey should be a joy: the electric vehicle features a low centre of gravity and power goes to the rear wheels, to give outstanding response on the road. And with tax savings and reduced ‘fuel’ costs compared to petrol or diesel-powered cars, Honda’s new generation of electric car cares about more than having a good time.