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Discover the My Honda+ App

Added: 17 February 2020

Discover the My Honda+ App

My Honda+ App

Honda knows that if it wants to compete with other automakers around the world, it needs to integrate its vehicles with modern smartphones, just as other brands do. To that end, it has released the My Honda App, a piece of software that allows you to interact with your vehicle no matter where you are, providing a handy digital dashboard, just in case you’re not in the vicinity of the real thing.

How Does the My Honda+ App Work

The way that the My Honda+ app works is very intuitive. Compatible Honda vehicles connect to your smartphone via the mobile network, providing you with a host of security and information features designed to enhance your experience. All you need to do is register your car and install the app on your phone, and you’re ready to go.

Installing the My Honda+ App

Installing the app is very much like installing any other on your device. You go to the relevant app store (either Google Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for iOS devices) and download the app. You then install it, create an account, and start browsing features.

If you’re not sure how to do any of this, then don’t worry - Honda dealers can show you the ropes. Just ask in-store or when you buy your new vehicle, and they will happily set you up.

Once you have the app installed on your phone, it opens up a host of helpful features and information designed to make owning a Honda vehicle a more pleasant experience.

On entering the app, you’ll see a range of options. One of the most interesting is the “driving style” report. This screen captures data from your vehicle and then arranges it into a series of charts and tables on your device, giving you an impression of your current driving performance. If you’re driving safely, you’ll get a high score and if not, a low score. It’ll also help you track improvements over time showing you, for instance, if you’re driving better than you were the previous week.

If you’re involved in an accident, then the My Honda+ app can help there too. It’ll immediately notify a trained operator at the company who can guide you through what to do next.

The app also monitors the health of your vehicle using on-board sensor data. You can see things like the engine temperature, battery health and other critical features, letting you know when you need to go for a service.

For those who want better security, the app helps here too. For instance, it’ll automatically send you a towing alert if it detects your vehicle being lifted off the floor for any reason while you’re not there.

Finally, you can find and share the location of your vehicle. Not only does this help in the event somebody steals your car, but it also makes it easy to find in busy car parks. The sharing feature allows other people with access to the vehicle to locate it too.

So, will you try the My Honda+ app?

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