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New Honda e

Added: 13 October 2020

White Honda e

Historically, Honda was the first to produce a mass-hybrid vehicle in 1999 with the Insight, and it used hybrid technology across its range.

For those looking for an electric car with personality, style and no small amount of technology, then look no further for the Honda e. Stylistically, the car has a retro style that makes it stand out not only in the electric car market but all categories.

There are two equipment levels for the car, Honda e and Honda e Advance, and in five different paint colours. Helpfully, most of the interesting tech is on board as standard in the e. So, you can enjoy the 8.8-inch display in front of the driver, and two 12.3 inch screens that control the infotainment system. They also have digital wing mirrors, which show drivers if they have enough space to fit into parking lots. The widescreen display is impressive, and uses icons to help the driver — and passenger — quickly find what they’re looking for. The different displays let users use a satnav, whilst also looking for music or choosing a radio station on another display.

So considerate are Honda, that alongside the standard USB ports, it also has a conventional wall socket and HDMI port, meaning you could charge your laptop or plug in a chrome cast. The car’s battery and wide displays mean that it’s a handy little car.

The Honda e is a city car — perfect for those who are driving short distances, not for people who will need to speed across the country, through motorways. The difference is down to the battery type. In comparison to other electric cars, the Honda e keeps its battery small, which in turn keeps the prices down and the interior of the car roomy.

The small battery also means the car is light, so it’s perfect for driving around urban landscapes. It’s quick and is easy to manoeuvre around city streets. Additionally, it’s a compact car, so it’s small size means that parking in tight spots of multi-story car parks is great.

So, the range and battery life. The Honda e’s battery is 35.5kWh, which is relatively small in the electric car market. You can plug the car into a rapid charger, and in 30 minutes the car can be filled up from zero to 80%. Alternatively, with a public charger that would take just over four hours. The range of the battery is approximately 137 miles, but this varies depending on driving styles and the roads that you’re driving on.

The distinctive, fun little car is a great option for those looking to make an electric car purchase. For those looking to step into the market, the style, technology and enjoyable drive make it a serious competitor. You won’t see anything else quite like it for a while.

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