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Honda Civic Type-R Breaks Another Lap Record

Added: 06 August 2020

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The Honda Civic Type-R is making big waves on the tracks once again. When you think of speed, you probably think Porsche or Ferrari. 

However, Honda took the most epic Type-R Limited Edition to the table, and what it offered to set a lap record at the infamous Suzuka Circuit. 

The Honda Civic Type-R breaks another lap record with an astonishing 2 minutes 23.993 lap, and for a front-wheel-drive that is quite something. 

The Suzuka Circuit is well known for its incredible chicanes and corners that pose a challenge to even the most experienced drivers. The figure 8 layout is the track of a race car driver’s dreams. The 1.2km back straight passes right over an earlier part of the circuit too, which is stunning to watch. 

So how did the Honda Civic Type-R break another lap record? It has some incredible lightweight components, steering upgrades and suspension upgrades. The stripped-back driver-focused interior means the Honda Civic Type-R pushes boundaries in all the right ways. In fact, it’s pushing the boundaries of what is possible for front-wheel-drive cars everywhere, and indeed on one of the most demanding tracks in motorsport. 

The Suzuka Circuit has been highly regarded for many years and has a reputation for being a vital testbed for developing those highspeed Honda vehicles since 1962. One of the highlights of Formula 1, Suzuka puts most cars to the test. 

In February 2020, the Honda Civic Type-R Limited Edition underwent what would be its final performance evaluations. In the end, the development car has all of the same tech and specs that are representative of the production version. 

With zero modifications and not a single performance enhancement, the Type-R Limited Edition is now on sale across the EU. 

When people think about Honda, they think about reliability, the family car. Little do they know that the Honda Civic Type-R Limited Edition ripped through the Suzuka track with no regard for what a front-wheel-drive vehicle should be able to achieve, and delivered a stunning 2 minute and 23.993-second lap. 

What About The Lap Details? 

The Honda Civic Type-R Limited Editions cornering grip was what elevated it, and made it stand out. The standard Michelin Cup 2 tyres were worth their weight in gold, and seconds too. The longer corners on the Suzuka Circuit required some understeer, but that led the Honda Civic Type-R Limited Edition to a stunning lap time. 

The 320hp VTEC turbo pushed the Honda Civic Type-R Limited to a massive 225kph (140) into the 130R. 

What is the downside to all of this? The downside is that you’re unlikely to be able to test-drive your Honda Civic Type-R Limited Edition on the chicanes and figures 8 of the Suzuka Circuit anytime soon. 

You can, however, book a test drive for the stunning Honda Civic Type-R at Heritage Honda today. 

Heritage Honda is situated in Gloucester and is part of the Heritage Automotive Group. Established in 1996 and is now the fastest-growing automotive dealership group across the south-west of England offering new and approved used Honda, including Motability cars, and also providing servicing & MOT Testing.

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