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Honda e EV wins Red Dot Award

Added: 19 May 2020

White Honda E from the rear

Honda e EV wins Red Dot Award

The latest Honda E has managed to scoop up one of the best prizes at the Red Dot Awards, which are held every year to recognise creative and brilliant design. Red Dot crowned the Honda e EV the ‘Best of the Best 2020.’ It certainly doesn’t get much better than that, does it? The cool and retro-futuristic design of the Honda is what won everyone over. 

Red Dot recognises designs across all types of vehicles. In fact, it even awards vehicle accessories. Some of the cars that were all applauded last year include the likes of Kia Proceed, Mazda3, and the Ferrari Monza SP1, so the Honda e EV is certainly in good company.

Of the achievement, executive creative director of the Honda e, Makoto Iwaki said the following:

 “These prestigious awards place a spotlight on Honda’s visionary and talented designers. As one of the most exceptional examples of contemporary car design in recent years, the Honda e is fully deserving of its ‘Best of the Best’ accolade.”

The Honda e EV represents the first EV that Honda has sold in Europe. It will arrive on the market in June, boasting an innovative digitised cabin and a striking exterior design. It is the first model for the mass market that includes a digital camera-based door mirror as a standard with all vehicles.

A lot of car enthusiasts have been excited about the arrival of the Honda e EV for quite some time now. In fact, it was in 2017 when we first saw the vehicle. It was showcased as the Urban EV at the Frankfurt Motor Show. At the time, the design was very well received, and Honda has only taken the vehicle from strength-to-strength with the improvements they have made. At the start of 2019, we got to see the ePrototype concept. Then, in September, the production version was released, which only had a few small differences in comparison to the prototype. 

The car features futuristic technology, as well as a minimalistic design. The Side-Camera Mirror System and Honda Parking Pilot make driving easier than ever before. You can also expect heaps of performance and power. A powerful electric motor drives the rear wheels, giving off a better steering feel. Handling and stability are blended to perfection.

As you may already know, Honda has committed to 100 per cent electrified sales in Europe within the following two years, and so the Honda e EV marks the start of what is going to be an electrified offensive. Next, we will see a hybrid-only Jazz released onto the market.

All in all, there is certainly no better way to make your mark on the industry of electronic cars than by scooping up a Red Dot award for your first vehicle. The Honda e EV certainly represents a massive success for the automobile manufacturer, and we are sure a lot of people are going to be lining up for these vehicles once they hit our shores in June. 

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