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The Honda 'Electric Vision' - By 2025 Two Thirds of European Sales to be Electric, Hybrid or Fuel Cell

Added: 18 October 2019

Hybrid and electric cars are a big deal right now as more and more consumers are looking to make purchases that reduce and limit their impact on the environment. To meet this demand from the market, Honda have now set themselves a new ‘Electric Vision'.

But why are electric cars so important in today’s world and how will the Honda Electric Vision help support them?

The Benefits of Electric Cars

  • Eco-Friendly -

    Probably the most obvious benefits of electric vehicles are that they are a lot better for the environment compared to petrol or diesel. The create a lot less pollution and are usually manufactured with eco-friendlier materials as well. Not only that, though, but as they run on renewable fuel, they can really reduce a driver’s carbon footprint. 
  • Cheaper to Run -

    What most people don’t realise is that electric cars are often a lot cheaper to run than diesel and petrol. In fact, electricity for cars often works out at about a third as much as petrol.
  • Cheaper to Maintain -

    Electric vehicles are often more affordable to keep in good condition as well. Hybrid cars and electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than traditional cars, so there is little servicing and expensive spare parts to worry about.

What Is Honda’s Electric Vision?

Honda are now trying to create an electric generation. They are creating a fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles to try to achieve their electric vision: by 2025 they want 100% of European sales to be electrified. 

They are already well underway with creating these new vehicles and bringing them out onto the market. Most of their new fleet is being styled as contemporary urban-commuter vehicles that are sophisticatedly styled. This is very apparent in their new electric Honda e Prototype, which is strongly influenced by the popular Honda Civic.

Honda’s new hybrid cars are also just as impressive. The Honda NSX features impressive Super Handling All-Wheel Drive so that it will drive exceptionally well on any terrain. The brand has also redesigned their CR-V and given it a makeover with a new i-MMD two-motor drive system. They may have changed it, but it’s still the world’s best-selling SUV.

Would you rather have something a little sportier? If so, then the Honda Sports EV Concept might be the one for you to watch. This eye-catching design is Honda’s vision of what an electric sports car will look like in the future.

The Honda e Prototype gained a lot of attention at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show and the company look set to produce its first one for the market at the end of this year. Are you interested in finding out more about this exciting new generation? If so, then get in touch with us and we can discuss the options that are currently available. We can also register you so that you can stay up to date with all of the latest news and updates on Honda’s electric and hybrid range. Contact us or drop in to see us at Heritage Honda.

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