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Honda to stop selling petrol and diesel cars in Europe in 2022

Added: 15 January 2021

White Honda Jazz

There is plenty of focus on the motor industry right now especially when it comes to diesel and petrol cars. With the government pledging a commitment to not have any petrol and diesel cars on the road by 2030, it looks like Honda is paving the way and making an aim to stop selling petrol and diesel cars in Europe by 2022. So what does that mean for you?

Honda is aiming to have a full electric vehicle or hybrid vehicle range with the aim to help the government reach their target. They understand that if legislation changes on hybrid vehicles then they will also turn their attention that way and focus on the electric vehicle market.

Ian Howells, senior vice president of Honda was keen to stress that Honda believes in a multi-pathway approach to reducing its carbon footprint and the recent UK government announcement around the 2030 ban hasn’t changed their approach.

Although Honda fully supports electrification and has made headway in the electric vehicle market and technology, the cost of electric vehicles is one reason that Howells doesn’t see them as an immediate solution to reducing the carbon footprint. Therefore ensuring that the Honda range will have Hybrid vehicles within it.

So what does that mean for you as a customer? Of course it may seem overwhelming to think that by the year 2030 there will be aban of petrol and diesel cars, after all, that is merely nine years away from now. But manufacturers, like Honda, have a duty to fall within the means of the government guidelines and do their part in reducing the carbon footprint. Honda, like many other manufacturers, have found some of their vehicles not to fall within CO2 ranges and have therefore been having to pay penalties and fines. It isn’t logical for any manufacturer to have to continue in that way and therefore this is why there is much focus in the electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle technology and advances.

For you, the customer, making that transition from a standard petrol and diesel car to electric or hybrid could save you in your pocket. You will find that the ranges between charges are getting longer, and with plenty of incentive for eclectic ports on your home, it could be a great option for you to consider sooner rather than later.

What will this do in general?

Petrol and diesel cars count for a third of emissions into the atmosphere, so banning the sale of these vehicles is going to be a step in the right direction to reducing those emissions in the long term. There will be a transition period for owners who have these vehicles to then make the change from there petrol and diesel vehicles to an electric or hybrid alternative. You will find that, like Honda, many manufacturers will be heading down this route and will be reducing the rage of petrol and diesel vehicles available.

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