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The Honda Civic Type R Sport Line & Limited Edition Versions for 2020

Added: 28 April 2020

Honda Civic Type-R

While the new Honda Civic Type R has not undergone any drastic changes for its 2020 model, there are still noticeable improvements, including a facelift that has been a long time coming. With two new models releasing soon, and with one line already sold out, it’s worth knowing just how Honda has made its improvements.

Honda Civic Type R Sport Line

If you like the general look of the Type R but wish it wasn’t so in your face, then the Sport Line is an excellent way to get around this. It ditches the massive spoiler you find on Limited Edition and GT versions, while it’s also supposedly more comfortable than other Type R models. You may also find it more compliant and responsive, enhancing your driving experience.

The tweaked suspension delivers more consistent and dependable handling, while the infotainment system boasts Active Sound Control that will raise or lower the engine sound through the car’s speakers.

The new trim levels are in line with what you’d expect from a mild still appealing facelift. Furthermore, renewed bumper elements, LED headlights, and new grille sections all play their part in making the Type R Sport Line an attractive option. These features will also improve performance, especially the grille, which can reduce the coolant temperature by up to 10 degrees when you’re putting your foot down and working the car hard.

The 2.0-litre engine remains the same. So, you will still hit 60mph in less than six seconds, and to make it a true car for 2020 and beyond, data logging and even a smartphone app are available to give you detailed information on performance and statistics, as well as advice on how to improve your driving experience.

Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition

With 100 Limited Edition Models designated for Europe and only 20 allowed for the Uk, it’s no surprise that these models have all sold out already.

It is even less of a surprise when you consider what Honda said about the Civic Type R Limited Edition. It is the ‘most extreme Civic Type R yet’. Its lightweight components, combined with additional weight-reducing measures and tweaks to the chassis and more, make it a vehicle that performs even more remarkably than you could imagine.

There’s no infotainment system, nor is there an AC unit or sound insulation in some parts of the car, and Honda has done this to save weight, although there are, thankfully, still rear seats. Overall, such changes mean the car weighs nearly 50kg less than a standard Type R GT model.

The BBS alloy wheels are also lightweight and are designed for both the road and the racetrack, while if you’re one of the lucky ones to own the Limited Edition, you’ll also notice changes to the EPAS power steering.

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