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What is the Cheapest New Honda Car?

Added: 15 January 2020

White Honda Jazz on city road

What is the Cheapest New Honda Car?

If you’re looking for a new car, then there’s a lot of potential considering a new Honda, and if you’re looking for affordability and want to know ‘What is the Cheapest New Honda Car’ then the new Honda Jazz is the perfect option.

The Honda Jazz comes complete with a wide range of features perfect for the driver on a budget, or just someone who doesn’t need anything too flashy to get to and from work, nipping to the shop, and drop the kids off at school.

Included in this package, you’ll get class-leading space and superb versatility to handle any tasks you demand of it. It’s compact and contemporary, meaning it will never look out of place on the driveway or cruising down the motorway.

Its handling can make even the most ambivalent drivers sit up and take notice, and Honda has designed it to make driving a joy for anybody. The interior boasts super comfort that casts off cramped suspicions, while the exterior is sleek and stylish. It is light and agile, making it easy to manoeuvre, with spectacular aerodynamic performance that ensures excellent fuel-efficiency.

On the subject of fuel, the Jazz boasts a 1.3 i-VTEC engine that is efficient without compromising performance. Drivers will also get a choice between a six-speed manual transmission or Honda’ Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) automatic option. The choice is entirely up to you, and just like getting in front of the wheel, it puts you in total control. It can reach 62mph in 11.2 seconds and has a maximum speed of 118mph, and even if you’ve no plans to achieve these speeds, it still gives you the confidence that this is a vehicle you can trust to deliver.

Inside, the Honda Jazz helps put you back in touch with your life. It features an intuitive 7” touch screen that is vivid and easy to read without being distracting. Through this console, you can keep in touch with friends, family, and colleagues, listen to music, audiobooks or podcasts, or if you want to keep it old-school, a radio signal is always available for those long morning drives.

From the console, you also have a multi-angle rear-view camera for parking perfection, satellite navigation, and a customisable home screen to make the vehicle sincerely yours.

Assistive features of the car include an Intelligent Speed Limiter, Traffic Sign Recognition, Lane Departure Warning, and City-Brake Active System to make driving the easiest - and safest - thing you’ll do all day. And can keep you alert when navigating tricky, unfamiliar places whether travelling for a business meeting or surprising your family with a holiday abroad.

Despite its affordable price, the Honda Jazz is a practical dream with fold-down rear seats to provide extra storage space and can accommodate a wide range of demands. To top it all off, the seats are adjustable, but above all, comfortable, making those long journeys from one end of the country to another something you’ll start looking forward to rather than dread.

At Heritage Honda, we have a wide variety of options for you to explore, so if you’re looking to upgrade from your current model or book a test drive, get in touch today.

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